Made in America by americans !

Would it surprise you to learn that the Australian Shepherd is the only livestock working breed developed in America? Contrary to his name, the Australian Shepherd is not an Australian breed at all. We can trace his early ancestors back to dogs that worked sheep on the west coast, many of those sheep were brought from Australia. Basque shepherds on the west coast were known to have “little blue dogs with bob tails” in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Sheep were imported from France, Spain, England, New Zealand, and Australia along with shepherds and their dogs. In the western United States, the Basque shepherd and his little blue dogs came to represent shepherding as much as the Scotsman and his Collie in Britain. In Australia, there are dogs similar to Aussies called German Coolies.

Other breeds have been observed in the above countries exhibiting some of our Aussie’s characteristics. Although their exact origin is unknown, there is no doubt that the breed was developed in the western United States by livestock producers who used the dogs for working. The fact that the dogs also excelled as a cattle dogs made them ideal for our many diverse farm and ranch operations. The breed evolved to meet the demands of their farm and ranch owners.

Aussies have been used for many purposes. Their use with livestock demanded a natural worker who was easy to train. Their devotion to their owners made them the ideal family farm dog which was needed to guard the homestead. Modern times have seen these talents used in even more diverse ways such as Search and Rescue, Drug Detection and Hearing and Handicap work. The original purpose of the breed as a working stock dog is still maintained across America on ranches and farms as well as through competition at stock dog trials.