I’ve been in love with dogs and animals since childhood, and I’ve always had animals around me.

It is the arrival of an adopted dog in a shelter that will trigger everything. This dog is called Roucky, a mix between German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute , my «Alaskan Shepherd».

We begin training and Roucky makes progress, showing an incredible capacity for learning.

But I want to go further and the method used is not suitable. Someone talk to me about the clicker training method.

This is the revelation: Roucky loses all his inhibitions, he learns well, likes to work.

I decide to go further and we do our first 100% clicker summer camp at Catherine Collignon (Animalin). It is a complete questioning of the dog’s vision and how to train a dog.

I wish I had a second dog.

I choose the Australian shepherd.

Banshee joined the family in October 2006, then Beaver.

1 dog, 2 dogs, 3 dogs…

Some of them have passed, new ones arrived.

We’re staying small and that’s fine.